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Generating recalls cards/labels

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2013 07:48PM EDT
Reports>Recall Report/Labels>Select date to start recall> A to z>account types>Select how far to look back (ususally 0 months)> Select how far to look ahead>(number of days in that month)>type of label/card>Select maximum recall count as 50 (or so)>click the lebels/cards/ button. Load correct labels/cards into printer. Print.
The recall list and labels will pull data from the Next Recall date. When printing recall cards, the data will pull first from the Next Recall field. If you say yes to include patients with upcoming appointments, the FIRST APPOINTMENT MADE after a recallable procedure is completed will be the date on the recall card. If several appointments are made for the patient including the next prophy appointment, put the acutal appointment date in the Next Recall field to ensure correct data on the recall card.

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