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Last Updated: May 08, 2013 06:14PM EDT
1 - We viewed the Contact page on the Site, and saved the images to our computer

2 - Next, we copied the text in to Notepad ( simple stripped down form in Notepad )

3 - Then we logged in to the MC, and changed the "Page Type" from a Standard page,
over to something else and then back to a Standard page again ...
It removes any false page parameters and bad coding, so you can start over on that page.
This works like an Eraser to a blackboard and gives you a clean slate ...

4 - Next we created and entered a Table in the Editor and "centered it."

5 - We inserted the Image in the left siode of the Table

6 - Next, we started pasting the copied text in Notepad, over into the Table ( inside the Editor in the MC )

7 - We added the other image below the 1st Table and then created another Table below that ...

8 - We inserted the rest of the text ( copied from Notepad ) and changed the Font, the size and the style using the Editor,
and this was done with no problems ... Then we "Centered everything, even the Tables.

9 - We "Updated" all the changes, and then looked at the Site.
Then we went back and made some minor adjustments, in order to make things look better,
such as adjusting the overall size of the Tables, which made the spacing look better ...

10 - Then we clicked to "Update" again ... Then when satisfied, we added the other page for You !

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