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Create a contract in Dentisoft Office Cloud

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2014 06:23PM EDT
Contracts are extremely useful when working with large cases.  The ability to create and track a contract in found on this screen.  Contracts are the responsibility of the guarantor.  Only one contract can be created per family.  Hint:  If the family has more than one family member that needs a contract (i.e.: ortho), create each member as an individual, even though they will have the same guarantor.  This way, multiple contracts can be created for different family members with the same guarantor.
To create a contract;
1.      Click on the “Contract Plan” button
2.      A window stating, “This account does not have a contract payment plan, do you want to start one”.  Click “OK”
3.      Enter the amount of the contract to be created
4.      Enter the interest rate, if applicable
5.      Enter the number of months that this contract will be in effect (the monthly amount will automatically be calculated)
6.      Enter the date that the contract is to begin
7.      Click on “Print Contract”. This will allow you to view and print the Truth in Lending document.  By signature of this document, the contract is binding and legal. 
8.      Print Coupons.  This prints coupons for the patient to use for their monthly payments.  The coupons indicate the amount due each month, the payment is due and the balance after each payment.
9.      Save
Once a contract has been entered into, the current status of the contract can be reviewed by clicking on “Contract Plan”.  The information reflects the status of the contract to date.
Note:  A contract needs a balance due in order to create a contract.  If the treatment is proposed and the patient will be entering into a contract, as acceptance of treatment, complete the proposed treatment plan, create the contract and then go back and delete the completed treatment plan. This will reflect a negative balance for the family, but will also reflect a contract balance due.  As procedures are now actually completed, the negative account balance will be used.  As payments are toward the contract, the contract balance will be decreased. 

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